PIR sensor-Motion Sensor-staircase wiring by motion sensor-two motion sensor wiring

 This video shows PIR Motion Sensor Wiring and Connection. Motion sensors can be used to activate floodlights, trigger audible alarms, activate switching, and even alert the police. 2 types of motion sensors: active motion sensors and passive motion sensors. Active sensors have two sides a transmitter and a receiver.

Motion sensors are popular when it comes to security and energy efficiency. They can be used for burglary alarms or security cameras, activating these devices when it senses motion in the vicinity. It can be an energy saver by shutting off lights in a building when it senses no motion anymore, which is used regularly in office buildings or restrooms. There are three types of motion sensors that are used frequently: Passive Infrared (PIR), Microwave, and Dual Tech/Hybrid.

This sensor is a motion switch with insufficient natural light. The sensor switches on the light automatically when people enter into the detection range. With insufficient natural light the sensor switches off the light

automatically after a preselected hold time when no more movement is detected. It can adjust the ambient light according to your desire, when you turn to sun max it will work during the day and at night. when turning to moon min it will only work under less than 3LUX circumstance. Time delay adjustment can be set according to your desire.

Where should stair lights be placed?

It's not necessary to put a light on each step, but you'll want to space them in such a way that a general glow is created and no dark spots exist. If they are installed on the tread, they are most commonly located on one side or the other, sometimes alternating along the course of the stairway.

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