Factors to Consider While Construction of Distribution Lines

Before involve into the Construction of Distribution Lines, we need to have basic understanding on what are the components which take into consideration.By considering the voltage levels we can classified the construction of the system such as

33kV Distribution Lines
11 kV Distribution Lines (Primary)
415-240V Distribution Lines (Secondary)
According the mention main constructions we can assessed the respects material and labor cost with equip tools and able to create a estimation. The estimation also should consist the transportation cost of the labors and materials. In here we are plan to discuss some factors to consider while construction of electrical distribution power lines in practice.While in the design and the Construction of Distribution Lines we need to be extra care on avoiding some areas and those areas are.

1. Urban Development Areas

Avoiding urban development area is essential while construction of distribution line because it may lead some problems for construction . Sometime hazard may occur due to the developments.  While the development are taken in places it is also difficult to create such tower lines , So in preliminary survey this area must identify and avoid.

2. Places where the historical and archaeological areas

While construction of tower lines also involves deep excavation. So when the area is located nearly by the historical site. There might get affected to this archeological sites. It is much better to avoid this site for future benefits.

3. Some difficult river crossing

We cant hundred percent eliminate some of river crossings while Construction of Distribution Lines. But sometimes it is really hard to avoid . For river crossing the construction of the towers are change  compare to ordinary places. There are special protection and special strength need to consider wile construction of tower in difficult river crossings.

4. Difficult road and railway crossings.

Like avoiding river crossing it is also better to avoid some difficult road and railway crossing because the construction of such area may cost couple of times rather than crossing normal towers.

5. Forest areas

Construction of the power line need to maintain necessary clearance so trees need cut down , this will affect the biodiversity of the respect frost. So it is really better to avoid and rich forest area under the survey and design stage.

6. Some Other Areas to Avoid

Following are some area which is better to avoid wile construction of electrical power lines.

Some natural hazard areas like steep valleys where earth slides can occur
Other Areas like temples, cemeteries, Playgrounds, schools ( need to to face social issues)
Proposed power lines also need to maintain safety distance from buildings and fire prone areas.
When the power line is constructed it is essential to consider on two main factors which are the short term considerations such as the cost of construction , compensations which need to supply. Longer term consideration are another factor which also consist the accessibility to maintenance, Tree trimming to maintain the relevant safety clearance and future development and service availability.

Most of distribution electrical power line consist RCC and PCC poles . Normally this type of poles are costlier but stronger. So handling and transporting this type of towers need to extra care. loading and unloading of the RCC/PCC poles should done very carefully. There are types of chain pulleys and different arrangement are use for perform loading and unloading of the electrical poles.

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